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Transport to Thakurdwara

We live in the village of Shivapur which is 2 km south from Thakurdwara. Thakurdwara is situated 80 km west from Nepalgunj airport and 15 km southwest from the villages Ambassa and Bhurigaun near the Mahendra Highway where the bus stops. For more information about travel schedules give us a call or send an e-mail. We will advice you to find the best way to travel to our home!

  • By domestic plane from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj (1 hour).
    The most convenient way is that we can pick you up by jeep in Nepalgunj (2 hours drive). You can also take the bus to Ambassa, Bhurigaun or Thakurdwara ( 2,5-3 hours), but they don’t run very regularly.
  • We can arrange your local flight tickets from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj or other destinations in Nepal.
  • By bus from Kathmandu to Ambassa or straight to Thakurdwara (580 km; 12 – 14 hours).
  • By bus from Pokhara (12 – 14 hours), Tansen (9 hours) and Lumbini (9 hours) to Ambassa , Thakurdwara or Bhurigaun.
  • By bus from New Delhi (India) to the border town Banbassa in India. (10-12 hours). From there you can take a horse car, taxi or rickshaw to Mahendrenagar (Nepali border town) and continue your travel by bus to Ambasssa ( 4 hours).
  • By bus from Lucknow (India) to the border town Rupaidiha (India) and from there by bus to Nepalgunj (Nepal) and Ambassa.
  • Buses from Ambassa to Thakurdwara (45 minutes) only run in the late afternoon. From the bus station in Thakurdwara it’s a 30 minutes walk to our home.
  • By jeep or motorbike from busstations nearby like Ambassa, Bhurigaun and Thakurdwara.
  • By jeep or car from Kathmandu, Pokhara, New Delhi, Lucknow or any other place in India or Nepal.
  • We can arrange a jeep or car to pick you up or bring you to any place in Nepal or India.